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Personal Banking- What you NEED to KNOW!

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The most important thing you need to know about personal banking Did you know that millions of people pay BILLIONS a year in bank account fees? This is the most important thing you need to know about personal banking. Of course you need to know if this affects you and how much is it costing […]

Make This The BEST Financial Year EVER

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The New Year always brings so much excitement and the feeling that our slates are able to be wiped clean.  One reason we all love the new year is that we are use to measure things on a calendar year. What better day to start measuring than day one and move forward from there to […]

Debt Consultant – S. Judi Ellis

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Meet Debt Consultant S. Judi Ellis Judi has over 30 years of professional banking expertise that she uses to help people establish the right financial footing. During her banking career, she personally helped customers and employees alike to live debt free. Judi specializes in community engagement and outreach. She enjoys being able to sit down in […]

Vacation Planning

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VACATION PLANNING As we spring into Summer, each and every one us gets enthusiastic and creative about our ideas for increasing our fun while it is warm. The days start earlier and end later. Our warm weather reality is that we are all more active and excited about life in the spring and summer. I […]

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