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Cash or Credit?

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For many of us, it has become routine to pay for daily expenses with a credit or debit card. For all intents and purposes, it’s faster and sometimes more convenient, but also comes with the risk of spending more than anticipated. The idea of using cash only has been proven to actually save money in […]

How To Avoid The Temptation Of Impulse Buying

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 Ahhh, yes. The infamous impulse purchases. We’ve all been there. We go to a store planning to purchase some milk or paper towels and leave the store with 5 other items we didn’t plan on purchasing. Sound familiar? Impulse buying can be defined as an unplanned or spur of the moment decision to purchase an […]

Back To School Spending Tips

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Back to school spending tips That time of the year is approaching. Children who count down the days to the end of their summer break, have parents who are also counting down the days until the dreaded school shopping commences. When calculating the cost of three middle school children, parents spend a ballpark figure of around […]

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