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Credit Score

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How To Repair Your Credit

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How to Repair Your Credit Is your credit score low? Here are some tips on how to repair your credit. In today’s world, living with bad credit can present a lot of challenges. In addition to paying back the money you owe to debtors there are the added costs of massive interest rates. Not to mention […]

What’s Better For Your Credit Score?

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You’ve worked very diligently to pay off your credit card or cards; Now what? A very common question is whether to close the account or keep it open. Which is better for your credit score? From a credit standpoint, closing the card can impact your credit rating in a negative way. You’ve been building credit […]

That’s My House!

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 When we are young, many of us picture the kind of house we would like to have.      Some call it their “dream house”. Girls might picture a Barbie house with the little white picket fence, pool in the backyard, and many rooms to decorate. Boys might have a different house in mind, maybe […]