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Debt Relief

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Debt Solutions

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DEBT SOLUTIONS Deciding on how to eliminate debt can be completely overwhelming. What is already a stressful situation becomes totally unbearable when trying to obtain debt relief help or at least answers and solutions for your debt situation to make better money choices. Most people looking for a place to start, Google or Yahoo search financial help or […]

Toledo-Based Debt Relief Firm Launches New Website

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PRESS RELEASE For Immediate Release Contact Zahra Aprili 419.830.4104, ext. 109 phone z@smartmoney.life www.smartmoneyforlife.com Toledo, Ohio – Debt relief firm Smart Money Management announces the launch of their redesigned website, www.smartmoneyforlife.com. Smart Money Management is the result of a merger between Comexx Smart Money and Debt Tech Financial Solutions. The site’s new look is intended […]

Credit Counseling vs Debt Settlement

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When experiencing a financial hardship, most people are overwhelmed with emotions and normally are not thinking through situations logically. There are pros and cons of all debt resolution plans, so choosing the right plan can be difficult. One of the most common questions that I hear is, “What is the difference between the credit counseling […]