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Debt Consultant – S. Judi Ellis

Debt Consultant – S. Judi Ellis

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Meet Debt Consultant S. Judi Ellis

Debt Consultant - S. Judi Ellis

Debt Consultant, S. Judi Ellis

Judi has over 30 years of professional banking expertise that she uses to help people establish the right financial footing. During her banking career, she personally helped customers and employees alike to live debt free. Judi specializes in community engagement and outreach. She enjoys being able to sit down in open dialogue while presenting solutions to help those in need.

Judy Started at National City Bank (now PNC Bank) in 1971 as the 1st female collector for the bank.  Over her career she worked very hard and received a number of promotions. She served as a collections manager, loan officer, branch manager,  and Regional Manager of Branches.  In 2003, after 32 years of service,  she retired from  National City Bank. When she retired she was the Vice President of Community Relation for the bank.

After retirement Judi founded . a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that helps children with finances, counseling and guidance.  The organization strives to provide youth with information and resources to enhance their outlook on life. K E V I N Inc. creates programs in partnership with community organizations to help youth in NW Ohio.

This summer K E V I N Inc will Co-Sponsor the  “Kids First” summer program  at Robinson Junior High.

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