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Do you have questions about Smart Money Management and the services that we offer? If so, you have come to the right place. Our frequently asked questions center provides key answers to the questions we are asked the most. If you still have questions, no problem, please contact us.

What is Smart Money Management?

We are household finance and personal accounting consultants serving Northwest Ohio, including Toledo and surrounding suburbs, Sandusky and Lima, as well as Detroit and Southeast Michigan. We use our Smart Money System™ as the framework for developing a household budget, and creating and executing a customized financial plan for each of our clients to get them on the path to smart money.

What Makes Smart Money Management Different from Debt Relief Programs?

We customize and implement our Smart Money System™ for families looking to take control and keep more of their money. Each step covers a different area of your household budget and debt. This is not a coaching program. We believe that substantial, sustainable success comes from us taking the burden off of you and doing the work on your behalf. As we move through the system, however, you will learn and develop money management skills and are held accountable to the goals you want to achieve. By following our Smart Money System™, you can focus on enjoying life again.

We are here to listen and educate you on your options. When you sit down with a Smart Money Management CFO, you can expect a trusted advisor, not a high-pressure sales person.

Who Can You Help?

We work with families in Northwest Ohio, including Toledo and surrounding suburbs, Sandusky and Lima, as well as Detroit and Southeast Michigan that want to:

  • (Re)Gain control of their finances
  • Stop creditor bills, late letters and calls
  • Stop feeling lost and alone
  • Increase their financial confidence
  • Consistently pay bills on time and pay off bad debt holding them back
  • Improve personal relationships
  • Enjoy life again
  • Repair credit
  • Improve their ability to make a major purchase

How Do I Know if I Need a Smart Money CFO?

If you are months behind on important bills, or facing a potential crisis like bankruptcy, foreclosure or harassing creditors then Smart Money Management may be right for you. Or if you need help building wealth or even an emergency fund for rainy days; we are experienced and trained to handle a wide variety of situations. We provide detailed advice and specific plans to make your money work for you.

How Can I Pay Smart Money Management When I am Currently Struggling?

It costs you nothing to sit down with a personal CFO. With our free consultation we will be able to assess your situation and go over your options. Smart Money Management also offers several ways to get to financial freedom. Our tailor-made strategies immediately begin to eliminate banking fees and late payment charges. Most of the fees we save clients through our system more than makes up the cost of our services.

Will You Set Up a Payment Plan for Your Fees?

We definitely don’t want to add to your burden. We are willing to work with each and every client on a case-by-case basis.

What if I Don't Live in Your Area? Can You Still Help?

We believe that a trusting relationship is the key to an effective debt relief plan. Without a doubt, relationships are easier to establish in person, but if you are comfortable, we can assist you over the phone or video conference.

What is the Difference Between Credit Counseling and Debt Settlement?

Credit counseling looks very good on the surface, which is why it is the choice for thousands of consumers. Unfortunately, there are many downfalls which lead to a very high program drop- out rate. Credit counseling agencies are most often paid by your creditors. Credit counseling negotiates lower interest rates on your debts, but rarely reduces your monthly payments. In contrast, Debt settlement consists of a specialized team that is working directly for you to negotiate and reduce your monthly payments by as much as 50%.

I Need Help, But I Don't Have Much Money. How Much Do Your Services Cost?

It costs you nothing to sit down and talk with one of our trained personal CFOs. Our FREE consultation allows us to review your situation, educate you on your options and assist you in customizing a plan to help you reach your goals. The fee for our services is based solely on what you need and rarely impedes our ability to help.

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