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Financial Management

Your Complete Financial Management Tool

Our system was designed from 20 years of experience, to structure all of your financial management needs. Even though every situation is different, we use the Smart Money System™ as the framework for working with our clients. Each step guides us towards creating and executing a complete financial management plan for your household. As your Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Smart Money Management will create, implement, and manage your custom financial plan.  With Smart Money Management and our Smart Money System™, you can get back to living life and not worrying about your finances. Below are just some of the amazing benefits of our financial management system:

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Complete Relief
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Financial Solutions
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Cash Flow Management

Bill & Expense Payment

Personal Bookkeeping

Banking & Savings

Debt Reduction

Financial Analysis

Negotiating Debts

Eliminating Creditor Calls

Smart Money Monitor

This is your personal financial dashboard. Our Smart Money Monitor is an easy-to-use, powerful tool that can be used to control every aspect of your financial life.

FinFit Forecast

This is a 90-day plan that will turn your financial situation in the correct direction. The FinFit Forecast will include 3 key analysis reports, proven to get you out of debt.

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Looking for Additional Services?

Every financial situation is different. You may only need one of our services or you may need them all. Below is a list of the additional services that we offer.

Personal Bookkeeping

We can help you establish and maintain a monthly household financial strategy that will improve your lifestyle and get you on the right track to smart money for life.

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Credit Repair

Your credit score is very important. We can challenge and remove the negative and incorrect marks on your credit report, increasing your credit score.

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Debt Consolidation

Change your financial future in a big way. With Smart Money Management, you receive solutions and a pinpoint strategy for becoming debt free.

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Student Loan Consolidation

Student loan consolidation can significantly reduce your interest rate and monthly payments, while keeping you on track to repay your student loans.

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Client Success

We’ve been with Smart Money Management for about five years. Even though our financial situation has steadily improved we stay with them because they let us focus on making more money, while they deal with paying our bills.

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