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Make This The BEST Financial Year EVER

Make This The BEST Financial Year EVER

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The New Year always brings so much excitement and the feeling that our slates are able to be wiped clean.  One reason we all love the new year is that we are use to measure things on a calendar year. What better day to start measuring than day one and move forward from there to make this the best financial year ever.

In the financial world, the same good feelings prevail every year. “This year I am going to save more money and make better money choices.” I am going to make this the best financial year ever. 

The problem of course is that words without a solid plan of action are simply just words. In a recent video I watched, Denzel Washington shared with a group of aspiring actors/actresses that in order to accomplish any goal, it takes discipline and consistency. denzel

Setting a specific financial goal begins with a clear understanding of what your money position is exactly. Saying, “I’m broke and that’s that” is not a clear understanding. To get an exact understanding, take the following steps:

  • Collect all of your monthly bills
  • Collect all of your other bills (medical/charge card/old bills)
  • Figure out of you are late on any bills and by how much
  • Make a list of how much your normal monthly bills are (housing/transportation/Utilities)

This process is formally called creating a budget. A solid understanding of where you are REQUIRED to spend money, should spend money, and want to spend money is a necessary point of distinction. A budget will help you to see what your money choices are and how to make better decisions from pay to pay to make this the best financial year ever.

Creating the discipline to plan out your expenditures and live by the plan on a consistent basis is the difference between just talking and really doing. Set up the following to be discipline and consistent:

Golden ticket

  1. A specific time every week to sort bills and update budget
  2. A specific day and time to pay bills
  3. Pay bills through online banking
  4. Place a few dollars into savings
  5. Plan next month’s major expenses

This is a very basic set of foundational principles that if followed will make this the best financial year ever.


“Most people don’t plan to fail, They fail to plan”

- John Beckley 1925



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