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Services Overview

Financial Management

Your complete personal financial management tool. The Smart Money System™ is our framework for working with our clients. Each step in this system guides us towards creating, implementing, and managing your personal finances.

Designed to structure all of your money management needs:

  • Banking
  • Bill Payment
  • Cash Flow Management
  • Debt Reduction
  • Household Finances
  • Savings Plan
  • Financial Spending System

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Personal Bookkeeping

Establishing and maintaining a monthly household budget is very important. Smart Money Management works with you to create a financial strategy that can improve your lifestyle. If you are ready to start saving money and get yourself out of debt, Smart Money Management has the skills and the ability to handle your finances.

Personal Bookkeeping & Household Budgeting is critical for:

  • Planning for Retirement
  • Saving for a Home
  • Setting Financial Goals
  • Planning for Vacations
  • Improving Your Lifestyle

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Credit Repair

Your credit score is very important and having clean credit is essential for getting almost every major type of loan. Our Smart Money System™ Credit Repair Program is designed to challenge and remove negative and incorrect marks on your credit report. By working with Smart Money Management we can increase your score in, as little as, 3 to 6 months.

Your Smart Money Management CFO Will:

  • Help You Understand Your Credit Score
  • Decipher Your Credit Report
  • Offer You Customized Credit Repair Solutions
  • Increase Your Credit Score
  • Remove Incorrect Marks on Your Credit

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Debt Consolidation

Eliminating and settling debt can change your financial future in a big way. With improved credit and increased cash flow you can live the life that you have always wanted without the burden of debt. With Smart Money Management, you receive solutions and a pinpoint strategy for becoming debt free.

Are you confused about what path you should take? Smart Money Management can help you decide if you should:

  • Consolidate Your Debt
  • Settle Your Debt with Creditors
  • Snowball Your Debt
  • File for Bankruptcy

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Student Loan Consolidation

Consolidating student loans can lower your monthly payments and interest rates. With Smart Money Management you can get back on track with your payments and lessen the burden of delinquent loans.

Income Based Repayment Plans and Loan Forgiveness Programs are available through the Department of Education. You may qualify for Loan Forgiveness if you work in the following careers:

  • Public Health (Nursing, Physicians, Health Care Support)
  • Military
  • Public Education
  • Law Enforcement

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Improved Credit Scores

Smart Money Management pays our bills and helped increase our credit scores. Now we can benefit from the sacrifices we have made working the plan. If you are in a similar situation, don’t wait.

- Yolanda D., Toledo, Ohio

Financial Success Partners

Smart Money Management took the time to meet and really understand my situation and goals. They were trustworthy didn’t talk down to me. Together we developed a plan to get out of debt.

- Sanner S., Toledo Ohio

Life Changing Experience

 The biggest difference between now and eight years ago is that I am a lot more confident in my financial decisions. Working with Smart Money Management has been a life-changing experience.

- Shawn R., Toledo Ohio