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Who Can Smart Money Management Help?

At Smart Money Management, we work with a number of individuals, couples, and families to provide financial assistance. We understand that not everyone is the same and has the same financial struggles. Our Headquarters are located in Toledo, Ohio and we work with individuals and families in Northwest Ohio, including Toledo and surrounding suburbs such as Sandusky and Lima, as well as, Detroit and Southeast Michigan.

How Can Smart Money Management Help You?

We get to know your unique situation and work with you. At Smart Money Management we know that not all household finances are the same so we customize your plan. We promise to never recommend a one size fits all package solution. Smart Money Management will create, implement, and manage this plan for you so that you can spend time enjoying life. If you have any questions feel free to contact us.

Stop Creditor Bills, Letters, and Calls

Repair Credit

Increase Your Financial Confidence

Improve Ability to Make a Major Purchase

Consistently Pay Bills on Time

Stop Feeling Alone and Lost

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Our Difference

Discover the Smart Money Management difference.

Our Difference

We learn about your unique situation.

Our Story

Discover the Smart Money Management Story.

Our Story

Read our story by Owner Derick Gant.

Our Team

Meet your Financial Success Partners.

Our Team

Intelligent, Experienced, and Caring.

Client Success

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Client Success

See how others have succeed using our program.

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